Ribbon Holder from $1.00 Tin Planter

I finally got my own stamping space tonight. Actually I had a desk but it was piled high so I had to use the community office space to stamp but that problem has now been solved. My stamping space had been evolving for the past year. First I got a ten drawer cart that stores most of my paper, watercolor crayons, tape and clear blocks. Tonight my husband put together a two shelve bookcase that holds most of my stamps, punches and big shot. The clear stamps were put in open photo boxes on the top. My space is modest but it has made me super happy. Tonight I sat at the clean desk and just relished the space. I finally put a clean piece of grid paper down and I am ready to go for my next project. I actually hated to remove my last piece of grid paper, I love to write notes and thoughts on the paper and with various stamped images and stray color it looked like a shabby chic card.

Now for my project. I purchased tin planters at Target today in the $1.00 section and made ribbon holders. The planters are about 8 inches long and I punched a hole in each end with the crop a dial, ran a dowel through and viola it holds about eight spools of ribbon. The ribbon is so colorful, I hated to keep it in a drawer. I had a long dowel and cut it down to 10 inch pieces.

Thanks have a great day. Sunny Florida is rainy Florida this week but everything is green.

$1.00 Tin Planter at Target

Ribbon Holder from Tin Planter