Cherry on Top Award

I received this award late last night and flabbergasted was my initial impression.  I am a hobby stamper and a recent blogger, so this was such a nice and unexpected surprise.  I have been stamping for many years, I started after the birth of my first daughter who turns 15 on December 7.  Initially I did it with my mom as a chance to spend time with her doing grown up things.  My mom still occasionally stamps, but since she has retired she is too busy.  I have recently found a renewed passion in the hobby now that I actually have some free time, not much but a little.  I am trying to create and stamp at least once a week. 

I must say the award is the Cherry on Top of my day, week, and month.  I received this award from June Switzer, California.  I was the winner of her blog candy on the Royal Blog Tour.  I just received the blog candy today and the designs from ” Lovely as a Tree” are exquisite, and beautiful in person.  I am such a lucky person.  Now I will follow the directions given to me with the award and pass it on to some I think are deserving of it.

The rules are very simple:

1.  Thank the person who sent it to you.  Thank you June from the bottom of my heart-

2. Copy and paste the award to your blog.  Very simple for most people.

3.  Share 3 things about yourself that you enjoy!  Obviously I love to stamp, I love and enjoy my family-  husband, three daughters (15, 7, and 7), and three cats; I love and enjoy anything outside-  gardening, and going to the beach; and I love italian food.

4.  Pass the award to five others.   The first site I selected belongs to my demonstrator and inspiration, Lee Conrey, the other selected sites are blogs I have been following since the summer, or lucked upon during the Royal Blog Tour that touched me in some special way.

Lee Conrey- my stampin up demonstrator and inspiration for so many projects-

Jennifer Weide-  Love your designs

Lynn-  Love your cards for the 411 Challenges

Patty Mickle- by your paper bag album

Erin Calhoun-Mangot- the “From the Kitchen” during the Royal blog tour

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share my thoughts and designs.

Donna  Thames 🙂