Mother’s Day Daisy Card

I made this card last night for a birthday card for my daughter’s teenage friend.  I used the Daisies die, and Play Date DSP with the turquoise background.  I am back into my flower period.

I made the Mother’s Day cards using the Fun Flowers and Paisley Petals DSP, sadly I do not really have a good picture since they had to be mailed.  I took one picture at the post office which I will post.  I know I will be making more cards using this pattern since they were a big hit.  I basically just cut the flowers, sponged around the edges with a coordinating color, dabbed on white shimmer paint, and made a double bow.  I also made a few of the cards for teacher appreciation and they were a big hit with everyone.

Today was Mother’s Day and it was a great one.  Started off with church and then went to the Lodge and Club at Ponte Vedra Beach for lunch.  The brunch at the Lodge is fabulous, and we normally only go once a year on Mother’s Day.  Brunch was our big meal today, so no cooking for this mom, which  means I have more time to stamp.  Actually I did not stamp much either, I sat by the pool.   The kids went swimming late this afternoon.  I put my suit on but when my toes hit the water it was too cold.   I have twin first graders and it was great to get all their handmade gifts from the heart.  For a school fundraising the kids could decorate heart shaped cakes from Publix, a local grocery store ($6.00 a piece), and they were so cute and tasty.  It is a  good thing I like frosting.

As an end note, recently my bow maker was missing off my stamping desk.  My kids are fairly respectful of my space, so I just happened to ask my husband if he had seen my wooden bow maker.  It seems my husband decided it made a nice reading stand for his Nook when he sat at the kitchen table. Father’s Day is next month so he will be getting his own bow maker/Nook stand.


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