Onesie Baby Card

Nautical Onesie

My parents asked me to make a baby card.  I made this cute onesie several months ago, and tried another rendition.  The template is from Butternut Sage,, however the additions are all my own.  A friend of my daughter, Kenny Wilson, an artist drew the anchor since my mother wanted a nautical theme, and I did not have any suitable fish stamps.  I think the card came out cute.  In hindsight with the anchor I might have used a darker blue, but the cherry cobbler color was added later.

I am on spring break with the kids, and it is almost over :(.  Today we had torrential rain, but our friends were visiting from Orlando so we all went to the Japanese Steak house for lunch.   There were 10 of us so we filled up our own table.  If life gives you lemons make lemonaid.

As a final note today is our cat’s, Miley 1st birthday.  We have had her eight months.  To celebrate we had cupcakes.  What my family won’t do for food.




  1. Katherine Thames & Kenny Wilson says:

    HEYMOM! 😀
    I really like your website thing with the cats and all of your amazing creations. However, I find one flaw in the fact that you said the fish stamp I made was not suitable. I think that it is infallible personally. Kendall says that you have a super amazing talent and that all of your cards are super pretty 🙂
    LOVEYOU! ❤

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