SSC 184 Beer Cheese Soup

I have been so busy with the holidays, a science project and my daughter’s birthday.  I got the My Digital Studio during the sale but have not had a chance to load or play with it.  Last night I got it loaded and today I am working on putting my recipes in the computer with some flair.  Here is a recipe for Beer Cheese Soup I made last night.  I got the recipe from my mother who is a great cook.  I hope you enjoy.  I know the card is fairly basic but it was a chance to practice adding different elements to a card on the computer.  Still getting the hang of moving things forward and back.

ONE CORRECTION TO THE RECIPE- I LEFT OFF ONE TWELVE OZ BOTTLE OF BEER.  THE RECIPE SAYS TO STIR IN BEER.  Sorry but I had to retype the recipe several times in the text box.  I probably will correct and repost later this week.

Beer Cheese Soup